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In mid 2016, DDS IT will introduce an emerging approach to Service Management, known as Enterprise Service Management.

The migration to Enterprise Service Management allows an entity to transform the way they operate through automation, integration and cultural change. Enterprise Service Management uses a service-oriented model to help organisations become more agile, user centric and innovative by automating business processes, linking IT systems together and enabling user-driven incremental business improvement. The ultimate goal of Enterprise Service Management is to align and empower users, eliminate departmental silos, increase inter-departmental engagement, enable operational excellence and ultimately increase profitability and effectiveness.

In most mid to large size organisations, business improvement budgets are typically allocated to the large “game changer” and innovation projects, with these projects absorbing most of the funding, at the expense of smaller incremental improvements. In many entities, ICT has become a bottle neck, in the eyes of the internal users, and “Shadow IT” is rapidly emerging, spurred on by the availability of simple to use Cloud based services. Providing an effective service management platform, eliminating bottlenecks and providing better visibility and certainty for services across an enterprise, is critical for the enablement of user-driven transformation.

The DDS IT vision is to lead a ‘Service Revolution’ which has the following characteristics:

‘Made by many’

Data driven

More affiliative

Do-it-yourself ethic
More connected

Join the service revolution

The DDS IT Service Management Platform combines next generation service management tools, best practice processes, and an innovative pricing and operating model, to revolutionise the way that an enterprise can deliver services to users and customers. The service revolution is now possible through the convergence of a number of market trends and technologies including cloud, security, mobility, big data, software defined networking, internet of things (IoT), self-service portals, automation and much more.

Now is the time for disruptive change so come join the service revolution.


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